I posted a large bounty and a couple of users posted incomplete responses that did not answer the stated question. The bounty expired. I accept that the points are gone because I gambled them and lost the wager. But I received a message stating that the bounty will be auto-awarded if I do not award it myself in 23 hours.

To me, this seems like outright theft. I am eager to award the entire bounty to someone who actually answers what I think is a very straightforward question requiring a modest amount of time that is less than the amount of time that the user might have to invest in other methods by which a user might accrue a similar amount of points. But if the question is not answered at the standard defined by the bounty, then the bounty should not be rewarded.

What alternatives do I have to avoid auto-rewarding the bounty?

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    "I want to be grateful to the respondents" - but you'd rather have the reputation completely destroyed rather than given out to them. From reading the question, it looks like both (one in particular) spent a large amount of time trying to solve a question, for free, for you. Even though the question wasn't completely answered, it seems like kind of a dick move to downvote them so that they don't receive the bounty.
    – Rob Mod
    Aug 25, 2015 at 0:59


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