Why was https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32149407/booting-new-compiled-kernel-on-beaglebone-black-via-usb-to-ttl-serially closed?

The question is (unusually) detailed and asks for a specific answer for how to perform a specific programming-related task. Yet is has been put on hold (and downvoted) without comment.

Now, the question is related to (but not a duplicate of) u-boot flash emmc ttl serial, and one of the answers to Starter kit for bare-metal programming for Beaglebone contains a useful answer that also applies to this question, but neither is trivially found by searching if one does not already know the answer.

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    He describes a task, completely failed to actually ask a question. – Hans Passant Aug 22 '15 at 11:03
  • Yes, a fair reason for a grammatical edit. He does however describe precisely what it is he wants to achieve. – unixsmurf Aug 22 '15 at 11:21

What's the actual question being posed here, though?

I'm not a person that's well-versed in the subject matter at all, yet I can't tell what the actual question is being asked.

Here's the crux of the question:

I want to transfer the Image via the USB to TTL converter pl2303 ttl from my host to Beaglebone black. I also want to Boot the new kernel using Uboot bootloader.

If we ignore everything else about it - including the steps that they took - this is what we're left with. They want to accomplish a task.

That's fantastic. But it's not a question. It doesn't convey what they're struggling with, what they've attempted, or anything like that - it's a "I want to do X" style question.

Looks like it was closed for the right reasons here. The hope now is that the OP will come back to edit/clarify their question so that someone that is well versed in this can help them more directly.

  • The actual question asked is "how do I load my self-compiled Linux kernel over my serial connection to the target" (as opposed to fiddling with a microSD card every time). A common question for embedded targets that would be useful to have an easily findable answer for on SO. I would be highly surprised if an inexperienced SO user having a clear question and having it closed with no other information than "unclear what you're asking" would bother coming back. – unixsmurf Aug 22 '15 at 17:22
  • If that's the question, why didn't they ask it? A clear and concise description of the problem would go a long way to helping someone not versed in this understand what the actual issue is; if nothing else but to pass it by as, "Someone with expertise could answer this." It would certainly have appeased me. – Makoto Aug 22 '15 at 17:34

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