I stumbled upon a question with some unindented code. I hit edit, realising that it was actually edit(1) while the popup popped up.

There's an edit pending and....it does exactly what I was about to do myself, fix the code. Awesome! Approve.

But what's that? The edit needs more approvals? Ok, I get it, I possibly am that other spam bot. That's good, the system prevents my inner spam bot to approve that possibly nonsense edit from my brother spam bot. Awesome!

But when I close the edit pop up, I'm left with the unedited question. Not so awesome!

  • I don't want to change the edit.
  • I don't want to game the system and work around the review queue.
  • I don't want to take away the opportunity of others to approve this edit.

But I still approved that edit. And I really want to see the modifications the edit made.

Can I please see the modified, edited version of the content that I approved but which is still stuck in the approval queue? Just like it does when suggesting an edit with sub 2k rep?

That would be awesome!

No, it does not solve my problem

if we had this same problem 3 freakin' years ago already and came to the same upvoted and conclusively agreed upon solution, without implementing it.



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