Re: Scope of do-while loop?

It had been tagged with "do-while", "loops", "declaration". It's a question regarding Java scoping rules, but the three tags I removed seemed excessive, and too generic to be of any real value.

Then I thought to myself "do the tags cause harm?" and "so what?"

How specific should tags be in a case like this? I think it's simple scoping, and tags like "do-while" should be reserved for language-neutral questions like "Why use a do-while instead of xxx" or something, but now I'm not so sure.


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I think at least was appropriate on that question. The underlying problem might be caused by scoping, but the question was specifically about a do-while loop in Java. That's how the OP discovered the issue, and it's reasonable to assume other people will too.

I don't know how many people search the tag by itself for questions to answer, but I'm sure they're used to filtering out any languages that they don't know, or otherwise don't feel comfortable answering questions in. I don't think that tag needs to be reserved for language-agnostic questions.


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