To expand on the question in the title, I want to be able to search for a particular search word or phrase.

I want to limit the result set to posts/pages where I wrote the question, answer, or commented on the page.

However, I may not have used the phrase myself.

e.g. (contrived example) I want to find a post about "SQLiteAssetHelper". I can't remember exactly if I posted an answer or a comment, and I don't know if I used that exact word. But it would have been somewhere on that page, probably in someone else's answer.

This is related to, but not a duplicate of:

I want to search in everyone's posts, not just mine.

Again using the above example, I could search on user:me SQLiteAssetHelper, and it would return a single post that I have answered:

But are there others that I have interacted on, where I did not specifically use that phrase?

Another example would be that I want to find a post about database upgrades that I found interesting a few days back. I remember the solution had something to do with running the comment adb install -r with an Android device. I know I commented on it.

A search for "adb install -r" comes up with 63 entries.

How do I make a search that just shows this entry:

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  • The on-site search of course doesn't look at comments. For comments, you'd have to resort to google search or data explorer queries. – Kevin B Aug 18 '15 at 19:10

Out of inspiration of your question, I began to toy with composing queries on StackExchange Data Explorer. I created this ugly query that will essentially, gather a list of all questions, answers, and comments from question posts in which you have either:

  • Asked the question;
  • Posed an answer; or
  • Made a comment

Then it will search each post/comment in the list for the indicated text and present the results of any posts or comments from any user, containing the desired phrase.

Re-disclaimer: I don't usually do a lot of SQL besides your basic CRUD operations. So the query can definitely be improved. But for the occasional one-off search, it works. The screenshot below indicates a fairly instant response, but that's cached. The initial search response time was 12000ms.

Cached run of the query

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