This is my question. What is the difference between those 2 tags? What should I use?


Database design is the process of specifying the logical and/or physical parts of a database. The goal of database design is to make a representation of some "universe of discourse" - the types of facts, business rules and other requirements that the database is intended to model.


A description of the structure of the database - including the structure of the tables, columns, constraints, views, etc, etc... that make up the database. Normally defined in text, generally SQL in an RDBS, the schema describes the complete blueprint for the database, defining everything about ...


My interpretation is that:

  • schema refers to the description (documentation) of an existing database and
  • design refers to the process of creating a database (that may not yet have a schema).

In other words design comes first, schema comes later when the design is done.

There may be some overlap of course as a design needs to be documented along the way, and design is "bigger" than just a schema.

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