For those who didn't know, Microsoft is changing the name "Apps for Office" to "Office Add-ins" (take a look at the note here). That however seems to raise some confusion because there is another "Office Add-ins" Microsoft has that is for developing application level Extensions using C# or VB.Net via VSTO:

VSTO Add-in

I feel that when this rename is complete, it will also have a confusing effect on SO. Currently the tag says:

Microsoft Visual Studio provides project templates you can use to create application-level add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010 and Office 2007. You can use add-ins to automate Office, extend Office features, or customize the Office user interface.

Now, when "Apps for Office" becomes "Office Add-ins", how will users tag VSTO Add-ins v.s. Web App Add-ins? Will we have to split the tag?

  • Why can't they tag them the same. That MS gives them the same name probably tells what their intentions are. – Patrick Hofman Aug 16 '15 at 21:08

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