I would like to know if I/users can post questions on SO about the design of their web-site/applications.

I would like some advice on the structure and layout of my site, things like "should I move that column to the left or remove it", "should I use a modal box for the about page or should I create a new page for it".

Kindly let me know if I am free to post this types of questions, or whether it is against community guidelines, and if so where can you go to get advice/opinions on the design of your website?

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    UX maybe? Not SO for sure. Aug 15, 2015 at 6:32

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Unfortunately, I don't know any site in the SE network where you can get reviews and opinions about your site's deisgn. AFAIK there's only CodeReview.SE, but obviously they review code, not design. I think you'll have to look outside the SE network to get a "design reviewed".

That being said, if you have practical design problems and can formulate specific questions about them, you might be able to get some help on these sister sites:

  • UX.SE for questions about user interface design:

    If you have a question about...

    Specific UX design problems UX issues that can be solved with expert advice or existing research Questions about HCI and user research … then you’re in the right place to ask your question!

    See their "on topic" article for more info.

  • GraphicDesign.SE, which does include topics like:

    Web design as related to look and feel, not coding.

    ...but be sure to check their extensive "on topic" article.

The main thing with almost all SE sites is that they typically require questions that are useful to a broader audience than just one person. This means you'll often have to first translate your specific question into a more widely applicable one, create an example scenario for it, ask the question, and apply the answers again to your specific situation.


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