I'm expecting to put a bounty on one of my questions, and I was considering putting setting the bounty at 500 reputation. How would this affect things if I had to put up a second bounty on it? Would it have to be 1000 reputation (since each extra bounty has to be doubled)? Would it just have to be 500 again? Or would I be prevented from putting up the second bounty altogether?


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You can set any bounty, but

  • At most 3 at a time (as pointed out by Bjørn-Roger Kringsjå in the comments under your question).
  • Only one active per question.

You can find this in the Help Center entry about bounties.

If the previous bounty was less than 500, you must double the amount, to a maximum of 500.

After a 500-point bounty expires, you can add a 500-point bounty again.

There is this user who received no less than 4 bounties of 500 points on the same question, 3 from the same user. That generous user was the person who asked the original question, so he set these bounties on his own question.

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