The summary for gives two different unrelated meanings for the tag:

In R, the "melt" function...converts data into a long form. Melt is also a web application framework written in PHP.

According to other meta-posts, it looks like such tags should be split into two tags. In the case of , it looks like most questions have to do with R, but some questions aren't actually related to either of the meanings listed in the tag summary (for instance, there's one about Excel).

Looks like we need a clean-up.

(Sorry for not finding a good pun for my title.)

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    I have cleaned up some of the questions. Very few were not about the R function. Melt framework questions were added to the new [melt-framework] and questions about the melt command were merged into the [mlt] framework tag. We still need to deal with the python questions. Commented Aug 17, 2015 at 20:04


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