Today I noticed that the Achievements and the Reputation tab are out of sync with each other, as can be seen from my screenshot:

Screenshot deletion happened at least an hour or more ago I don't think it has to do with lag in communication between the two. So is there a reason Achievements The reason most likely is that I had an edit on a post that was later removed due to too many downvotes, therefore undoing my +2 Reputation for an approved edit. However the Achievements tab does not take this into account. As the doesn't take this into account, am I just too impatient, or is this a bug?

Edit: I also found this question: Reputation not showing up in the achievements tab anymore but there was a reasonable explanation there, that I don't think is still at play here.

Edit 2: I just gained another +2 Reputation, but the difference of two points between Achievements and Reputation still remains.

  • Anyone that has any ideas about this? It still occurs....
    – Luuklag
    Dec 3, 2015 at 12:52


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