I would suggest to merge and as they clearly refer to the same thing.

Description of :

Android AlertDialogs are pop-up dialogs that appear in front of the current Activity.

It states clearly that it is about the Android class AlertDialog. It has 1,783 questions in it, and they appear to be about that.

Description of :

A subclass of Dialog that can display one, two or three buttons. If you only want to display a String in this dialog box, use the setMessage() method.

So I have no doubt the two tags are about the same thing. This tag has 1,553 questions that seem to be similar to the questions of the other tag. There even seems to be 191 questions tagged with both.

I have not posted a merge candidate before, so feel free to edit if something is not as it should be. But I really think these two tags are confusing to have both of and therefore should be merged. It would seem follows the naming convention best.

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    Note that before we could merge those tags, we would need to clean up first. A search for alertdialog questions that are not applicable to android-alertdialog returns 162 questions (mostly about message boxes, some still android) – Erik A Nov 9 '17 at 9:19
  • @ErikvonAsmuth many of these are about Javascript's alert – Vadim Kotov Nov 10 '17 at 9:49
  • Updated query with 141 results as of today. If these can be retagged appropriately, I can go ahead with the tag merge. Let me know if you're interested @Vadim – Bhargav Rao Jul 13 at 12:16
  • @BhargavRao Done. I've retagged most of the questions with alert or modal-dialog. Btw, tag javascript-alert is a synonym for javascript, but I'm not sure it is good. – Vadim Kotov 14 hours ago
  • @VadimKotov, thanks. The [javascript-alert] was proposed and approved by community, so I don't want to break it. – Bhargav Rao 13 hours ago

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