If I click edit next to Favorite Tags on the front page, then advanced tag subscriptions », I get to a screen with my list of filters in the top right and the newest 50 questions in whatever tag I had selected last. It used to be that the list of filters would show the number that were new since the last time I visited the tag; now there are no numbers.

The HTML of each filter element looks like this:

<li class="current">
    <div class="filter-name">
        <a href="/filters/47151/git" title="git">git</a>
    <div class="filter-unread-count" id="filter-unread-47151"></div>

As you can see, there is a div for the count, but no count.

Is this by design? (BTW, I remember before this stopped working completely, I would similarly see a filter list with no counts if I was on one filter, went to another one, and then hit the back button.)


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