The latest iteration of the navigation has left the homepage on (M)SO to freeze Chrome 44.0.2403.67 (for iOS) for a good ~5 seconds.

This isn't a one off, nor am I exaggerating the 5 seconds. This happens every page load on both my iPad and iPhone (both iOS 8.4) and lasts... for ~5 seconds.

Repo URL's:

If I AJAX navigate to one of the other tabs ("popular", "needs answer") and then AJAX navigate back to "new", the freeze does not occur. The freeze only occurs on a normal HTTP request/ refresh.

Whilst frozen, I often see half a loading spinner in the (horizontal) centre of the question nav items (see images below). I also very often see the order of the questions change once the page unfreezes (again, see images below).

  1. Whilst frozen:

  2. Unfrozen:


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The new alpha nav UI has not yet been optimized for mobile, and indeed is not officially supported on mobile. I suspect you had to click "full site" for it even to load (it 404s by default, although I might rip that out). When we write a mobile skin for the new nav UI, it will be appropriately tested. For now: I think the best advice would be "don't use the new nav UI using a mobile device by forcing it to use the full-site UI".

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