I was reading some questions about WebRTC (e.g. this one, or this one, etc.). All of those questions are tagged with the tag.

According to its info :

According to ZeroC, the developers of Ice (Internet Communications Engine);

(Ice) is a modern distributed computing platform with support for C++, .NET, Java, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, PHP, and ActionScript. Ice is used in mission-critical projects by companies all over the world.

Ice is cross-platform, supports multiple language bindings and is open-sourced under the GPL.

However in the WebRTC field, ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) is a protocol used to choose the best path between two users (even with NAT or Firewall issues). (Wikipedia's ice page). Nothing to do with the current tag.

Should we create a new tag, for example , and retag all of those questions ?

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I went ahead and added the tag as they are using for an incorrect use. The new tag is . I added a brief excerpt and wiki but fell free to add to it once it is open.

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