How do I close or delete a question that I have asked?

Because I have found answers to it already and would not want to be downvoted...


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The first question to answer, should you really delete it?

  • If it's a duplicate and might be useful as a sign-post, close it as such an leave it.
    As you are below 50 rep, just post a comment with the target and ask for help, mentioning that problem.
    You can finish it the moment the first one flagged or close-voted as duplicate.

  • Else if it might be helpful to others, write a self-answer if there's no good answer yet.
    If there is one, accept the best and be done.

  • Finally, if really none of the above holds, cleaning it up yourself instead of waiting for others to do it for you is preferable. That's at best damage-control though, minimizing damage to the community (needless extra-work) and you (loss of priviliges).
    There's a gray delete-link directly below the post, above any comments.


You can delete your question by going to your

Profile > Questions > Clicking your question > Click delete under the question

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