I got an edit on one of my most popular answers (85 upvotes), from almost 7 years ago, with the comment "Attitude removed from answer to be more helpful to others": https://stackoverflow.com/posts/374337/revisions.

Two things annoy me slightly with this edit. First, is it really necessary to edit a 7 year old accepted question with 85 upvotes with the motivation "to be more helpful to others". I mean, why did it get 85 upvotes if it wasn't helpful?

Second, making substantial edits to old questions often make things like comments incomprehensible when they refer to old revisions of the questions.

Are there any policies or guidelines covering these kinds of issues?

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    If you disagree with the edit, you can just roll it back. I would... – Cerbrus Jul 24 '15 at 6:20
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    1. What do you mean "necessary"? Literally, of course it isn't, but the edit did improve the answer (a meta-comment on asking questions is unlikely to help people looking for the rest of your answer), and just because it was already considered helpful doesn't mean it can't be made more so. 2. Then flag the comments as obsolete. Neither of these seems specific to "really old posts". – jonrsharpe Jul 24 '15 at 6:22

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