Are the pagedown modifications and toolbar for pagedown opensourced by Stack Exchange somewhere?

I really like their integration into Imgur, and the jsFiddle stuff. I would like to use them on my personal projects.

What are the licensing of the minified JavaScript files available on Stack Exchange sites? Like this one.

  • jsfiddle stuff?
    – Bergi
    Jul 19, 2015 at 22:29

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Your question is a little confusing; I don't think the Imgur and Stack Snippets dialog boxes are modifications, they are plugins to the editor. I don't think they are available as OSS at this time, no.

PageDown is the project with all the modifications that Stack Exchange uses, based on the original Showdown and WMD projects. Yes, all those modifications are OSS.

From the PageDown README:

PageDown is the JavaScript Markdown previewer used on Stack Overflow and the rest of the Stack Exchange network. It includes a Markdown-to-HTML converter and an in-page Markdown editor with live preview.


The largest part is based on work by John Fraser, a.k.a. Attacklab. He created the converter under the name Showdown and the editor under the name WMD.

Get your copy from the Google Code project; it is up-to-date by the looks of it. Note that user balpha is Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe, a Stack Exchange employee.

I'd expect the minified versions to have the same license as the un-minified code; it's the same code after all, just run through a minifier.

The Imgur Image dialog is not part of the editor; the code defines a hook for swapping in your own dialog:

hooks.addFalse("insertImageDialog");     /* called with one parameter: a callback to be called with the URL of the image. If the application creates
                                          * its own image insertion dialog, this hook should return true, and the callback should be called with the chosen
                                          * image url (or null if the user cancelled). If this hook returns false, the default dialog will be used.

Similarly, there is no trace of the Stack Snippets dialog in the PageDown codebase, it must be similarly passed in in the editor options as an extra button.

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