Currently, if I go to https://stackoverflow.com/, what I get for the different question list options are by default filter: recommended, show: all and sort: recently active

When the page was redesigned I was happy that now, instead of having to add every tag that I'm not interested in to my tag blacklist, I could finally browse a list of only the questions I'd like to see and to which I could more likely provide an answer to.

My happiness ended as I noticed that switching filter to favorite tags appended a nice query string to the URL. This is nearly the same issue as YouTube making their "what to watch" the default page instead of your Subscriptions, what the site thinks you'd want to see, over the thing you willingly say you'd want to see.

With an ENORMOUS list of blocked tags, I can keep the home page mostly clean of other questions than my favourites, but some still manage to pop up occasionally, and over time I'd end up blocking a really large amount of tags, unnecessarily.

Could the site at least remember the filter option, if not everything?

While it'd be a fair argument to say that I could just make a user script that runs on every SO page and adds the query string to every link to the home page, I wanted to ask here first for a direct solution to the issue before attempting a work-around.


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