tl;dr: Can we have synonymed to please?


  • 310 questions - Wiki:

    Code quality is a measure of how well a set of code balances qualities of maintainability, performance, and style.

  • 36 questions - Wiki:

    Source Code quality is a measure of how well a set of code balances qualities of maintainability, performance, and style.

  • Both - 8 questions

I could retag, it's just 36 questions, but still.

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Okay, since this was , I went ahead and retagged everything (in source-code-quality only) myself.

About half the open questions need closure (and most of those were tool requests), so I voted to close them all. I hope the community will help me close them by reviewing these questions


While something could/should be done with those tags - making a synonym is not the way to go here.

To clarify. Syn'ing those tags would only mask a potentially deeper issue that needs addressing. Are they needed, can one/both go the way of the dodo, could code-quality actually be indicative of migration to CR if not on-topic for SO etc...

@durron597's done the right thing here (kudos) and spent time going through them.

  • I am confused. Per my reading of quoted tag wikis, these are synonyms, aren't they?
    – gnat
    Commented Jul 18, 2015 at 10:16
  • 10
    I am also confused. This answer could use an explanation on why you feel that they should not be synonyms.
    – user743382
    Commented Jul 18, 2015 at 11:58
  • They have the exact same definition. When would you use one in favor of the other? Commented Jul 19, 2015 at 14:00
  • Wouldn't tag code-quality be appropriate when combined with a specific tool such as resharper? For example, I think there is the potential that at least some of these ReSharper questions would benefit from having the code-quality tag added. (That is, of course, for those questions that are considered in-scope for SO.)
    – DavidRR
    Commented Jul 20, 2015 at 13:06
  • @DavidRR Most of the ones that were tagged sonarqube were on topic as well. However, one could argue that those two tags are sufficient and code-quality is redundant.
    – durron597
    Commented Jul 20, 2015 at 13:22
  • @durron597 – A couple of reasons why I disagree. First, the about page for ReSharper indicates that ReSharper is more than just a quality control tool. So, I can see questions focused strictly on the quality control aspects of ReSharper. Second, suppose I wanted to do a query on both c# and quality-control to try to learn about tools that might apply. (I'm assuming that there may be those who have no prior knowledge of ReSharper or similar tools for C#. Or someone who may be looking for an alternative.)
    – DavidRR
    Commented Jul 20, 2015 at 14:28
  • @DavidRR You may know that I am not shy about burninating tags. I'm on the fence about code-quality, personally; I was just devil's advocating you.
    – durron597
    Commented Jul 20, 2015 at 14:30
  • @durron597 – While I do think that code-quality has potential for misuse, I also think it can offer value as I indicate in my comment above. Shog9 asks us to give a lot of thought as to when to burninate. And what we're doing here is one of the key points made in Shog9's answer: "Raise the matter for discussion on meta." Which is what you did. :-) Glad we're having this dialog! (Although your original question is about creating a synonym, not burnination.)
    – DavidRR
    Commented Jul 20, 2015 at 14:47

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