I tried to make a question recently that related to removing things from a list in C#. I was able to get an answer, but I found it strange that "remove" was reserved for high rep people. I understand it could be used for deleting/removing unneeded, but it is a relevant tag for some users issues!

Perhaps a change of tag for unwanted questions could be made. What are yall's thoughts?


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Tags are not reserved, for any rep level, except for the red moderator-only tags here on Meta.

You are probably told you cannot create a tag; that requires a minimum amount of reputation.

That's because there is no tag, nor should there be; it'd be a meta tag that doesn't cover one specific subject. Tags are used by people to find questions to answer, but no one would follow the tag, as it would be used for a broad range of questions. As such, if someone ever were to create such a tag it'll end up being removed again, a process jokingly referred to as burnination, see .

Instead, stick to existing, relevant tags, and use the word remove in your question title if it is important to your question.

  • Ah ha! Makes sense enough. Thanks for the input! Commented Jul 7, 2015 at 21:13

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