Some questions are off-topic and should be downvoted and closed accordingly very quickly.
But sometimes, a user comes by and writes an answer before the question is closed. A very good, interesting, detailed, precise, original answer.

Such a question could be your classic "i need free libary de hereplz", and the answer being an amazingly elegant solution native to the language. It happens. I don't have an example but it happens.
In that example, the answerer solved the X of an XY problem, the question about Y being off-topic.

Thing is, while the answer may receive some well-deserved upvotes, the question will be stormed and closed promptly. But should it?

If I come across such a question, I could:

  • Vote to close as crap and/or downvote it
  • Ask for the author to rephrase the question so as not to be off-topic.
  • Completely edit it myself, possibly going against the author's intent to make it fit for SO and fit for its answer

How to save these answers?


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Option 1: You vote to close it. The question remains, the answer remains.

Option 2: You edit it to be a good question that calls forth that answer.

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