I've found a copy of Stack Overflow at another website.

SO: Vertical Custom Scrollbars with JqueryTools RangeInput

Other Site: http://cloudbings.com/questions/1551711/vertical-custom-scrollbars-with-jquerytools-rangeinput

This is a verbatim copy. Does SO takes an action over such websites or anyone can use without declaring resources?

Or, I think the author who posted q/a in SO, posted the same in his website? Is it allowable?


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If the site copies all or a lot of content from SO, you should see this post on MSE regarding content scrapers: A site (or scraper) is copying content from Stack Exchange. What do I do?. It explains the procedure you have to follow to report content scrapers to the SE team so they can take action.

If the content author is the one posting on both sides, there is actually no point in prohibiting this. Why should this be disallowed? I can't think of any valid reason.


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