I stumbled upon this question:


It contains the OP number, and is also off topic I think because he is not asking a specific question.

What to do in cases like this? Do i edit out the personal data or just flag it as too broad?

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  • There is no privacy issue if an OP chooses to publish their private information - it was maybe a bit spammy in this case. Personal data belonging to other people (e.g. in screenshots) is a big no-no, and mods/devs will collaborate here to have such material burninated. Flag if you see that sort of thing, as it needs to be manually removed from edit history. – halfer Jun 30 '15 at 14:45

Vote to close the question and edit out the personal information. In this case the personal info was in the form of a signature, so just edit it out. The OP put it there on purpose, not knowing about the site policy against adding signatures to posts.

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