A question contains tags and . A suggested edit adds . Is this appropriate/necessary/desired?

I'm choosing to call a compound tag. Sometimes, the compound tag is more descriptive than its individual parts and should replace one of them (eg: ). In others, it seems to add no new information to the question beyond the two base tags (eg: , or ). I've never seen a case where I believe it's useful to have all three.

I come across this situation occasionally when reviewing suggested edits. Usually I've ignored the tag change and based my review on the other content in the edits, but I would like to know the right way to review these edits. In general, How much value is there in including a compound tag alongside one or both of its component parts?

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  • To reply to the asker's examples, "android-spinner" might differentiate it from other kinds of spinners. The "android" tag should still be there in the question. A compound tag that would be superfluous would be one that adds no value per se. "c#-express" for example, is (was) just a lite version of a product that MS released back in the day, it didn't have anything exclusive that was not in regular C#.
    – MPelletier
    Commented Aug 25, 2020 at 16:17

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From an answer from 2011 to How should "compound" tags be handled?

The sad truth is that the powers that be don't really care how tags go. In a sense they are right to not care too, search tools are usually what should be used to get to a question, not so much tagging. There are far more pressing matters to them than tagging.

Trust me, most (if not all) re-tagging of this nature and attempts at sensible nomenclature end up as community efforts, not site policy. Part of the problem comes from tag creation, which is for SO at this point too open a process, and it's too easy to create tags unknowingly.

The worsts case of tag "compounding", in a sense, is and versus , as well as the various "-express" tags where the "-express" part is actually not key to the issue but just part of the asker's environment. At the same time you don't want an tag floating around just for that. (Even if there now is an express tag but in the sense of MVC framework for Node.js.)

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