Checking out the new nav today, and it appears as if "Need answers" and "# bounties" link to the same address. Examining the markup, I discover the following (which remains the same when visiting the mentioned tabs)...

<a href="/?tab=new&amp;tagFilter=all" title="Recently active or interesting questions">new</a>
<a href="/?tab=popular&amp;tagFilter=all" title="Questions worth reading">popular</a>
<a class="youarehere" href="/?tagFilter=all" title="Questions that need answers">need answers</a>
<a id="tab-bounties" href="/?tagFilter=all" title="384 questions with bounty">384 bounties</a>

This makes me believe there is no difference between these. Also, I am not seeing a query parameter of ?tab= for "# bounties" when visiting other tabs.

Furthermore, clicking "# bounties" does not apply the class of .youarehere. Is this a dedicated tab? The id of tab-bounties leads me to believe this is the intention.

Visually, there is no difference when visiting "Need answers" and "# bounties" - including the returned result of questions. Is this because "Need answers" defaults the secondary drop down to "show: bounties". If so, whats up with that?

enter image description here

For "Need answers" I would expect to see questions without answers.. but I see questions with bounties. Am I missing something? Is this correct?

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    For "Need answers" I would expect to see questions without answers => need answsers display questions without accepted answer Jun 26, 2015 at 8:01

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This is by no means a definitive answer, but rather my own observations in support of this bug, and perhaps reasons for why it is behaving in this manner.

  • If you navigate to the "need answers" tab and change the "show" filter to "all", it will remember that selection if you navigate to the "popular" tab and come back.
  • As you gathered, when clicking the "# bounties" "tab", the "need answers" tab is refreshed with the "show" filter set to "bounties".
  • When you click on the "need answers" tab again, thinking that you'll see something different, it remembers your "preference" for the "show" filter (which you unknowingly set when you clicked "# bounties") and therefore displays "bounties".

This behavior, while perhaps counter-intuitive, does appear to be by design.

However, I do believe that the fact that it is unexpected means that it is a bug of the design.


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