I just finished an analysis of the tag and found a huge amount of variation. All of the current questions fall into one of these categories (posted in the newly created tag wiki):


  • RSS news reader app for Android, iOS and HTML5 browsers, released around 2010.
  • JunOS Pulse, the SSL VPN client
  • Pulse CMS, content management for small web sites
  • The Zutubi Pulse continuous integration server
  • Various Salesforce.com plugins (examples)
  • C# Monitor.Pulse (discouraged, too granular)
  • The Python function wxGauge.Pulse (discouraged, too granular)


  • an (use that tag instead)
  • an animation type defined by AnimationExtender (ASP.NET AJAX). use
  • human pulse sensors (eg. Arduino integration)
  • for analog engineers, a pulse wave is a bar graph created from 1-D vector input data. pulse generators can be used to generate this type of signal. pulse waveforms are commonly used in synthesizer programming.
  • Radio control pulse position modulation encoding (PPM), pulse code modulation (PCM), pulse width modulation (PWM). try or instead
  • Guess I am looking for an answer with a better option than creating 7 new tags for the non-discouraged, non-existing tag...
    – Barett
    Jun 24, 2015 at 20:57


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