I just noticed that visiting a comment via its anchor link, which is placed on the time stamp, causes the link to get the blue "visited" colour on SO. As it's not visible on meta, here's a random example from the main site. I noticed it while navigating to a reply via the inbox, but it seems to happen regardless of how one arrives at a comment.

As far as I remember this wasn't always the case; at least for inbox notifications. I'm not sure if it was introduced with the new design or is a more recent change, or if I misremember or simply never noticed this. If it is intentional, I'd like for SO to reconsider that decision - it's not useful to know if one has "visited" a comment or not, but leads to inconsistent coloration of the time stamps which is somewhat distracting as the username is less distinct from the timestamp, making both a bit harder to parse.

Tagging this as a bug in case it is not intentional, if it is please consider this to be a feature request.

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I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but I know how to fix it:

Step 1: Remove this CSS style:

.post-text a:visited,.comment-text a:not(.comment-user):visited{

Step 2: Replace it with this simpler style, which does not have the same issue:

.post-text a:visited,.comment-copy a:visited{

Anyway, while waiting for SE to fix this properly, I've added the following CSS fix to SOUP v1.32:

body .comment-date a.comment-link,
body .comment-date a.comment-link:visited {
    color: inherit;

(The reason for the funny selector is that it needs to be more specific than .comment-text a:not(.comment-user):visited in order to override it. I could've just used !important, but I prefer to avoid it whenever possible, since it can easily become an "addiction" — the only way to override an !important rule is with another !important rule, so once you start using it, you may find yourself needing it more and more.)

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