Please look this question,

How to decrement dates?

in above question OP asked for tags sql, sql-server, datetime, and decrement,and question marked as duplicate by marc_s, JqueryKing, t-clausen.dk to

Get difference between 2 dates in javascript?

in above case question was related to SQL or SQL server and marked duplicate as javascript..

is this correct??

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    It is an incredibly clumsy question. It was certainly a duplicate the way it was originally asked. That the dup did not help him is not terribly surprising, removing the [jquery] tag however accomplished absolutely nothing. It is entirely up to the OP to do a better job describing what he really wants, SO is not a site where psychics hand out free advice. Jun 22, 2015 at 11:58

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Yes and no - it is a duplicate, but a duplicate of this question.

Note that the question originally contained as one of the tags, that is probably why the JavaScript question got selected as the original.

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