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Most tags ending in suffixes (such as "-ing" or a plural "-s") should be synonymized with the root word tag.

There's a tag for the topic of clicking your mouse in a UI. There's also a tag for the action of clicking your mouse in a UI.

Tags with names ending in suffixes should be synonymized because they're basically the same thing.

Currently, without these tags synonymized, searching for will return different results than the corresponding tag.

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So , not the greatest tag in the world as it's used for bitcoin mining and also for data mining would be less confusing if we forced it to be a synonym of ?

FWIW I think the questions in should be retagged manually.

I can construct other unrelated pairs where one of them is a currrent tag, e.g. or or

The trouble with general rules such as this is that the exceptions bite you.

If you want to do it manually, there's already a process for that. Just make the suggestions once you have the rep to do so.

  • I mean MOST tags ending with ing. Mining and min are different. – clickbait Jun 24 '15 at 19:43

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