In Chrome, I am connected to an account PRO. Say, in SO the account name is PRO-SO.

I have also, and would like to add to my accounts an other Google account PER, that corresponds to the SO account - PER-SO.

I don't need to merge two accounts into one. I need to switch between one to another.

I tough (apparently is not the case) that the "Add login"'s account feature is created for that.

On SO, I am connected as PRO-SO. Go to my login page, "Logins"=>"Add login", clicked on "Google",

Expected : add the new account PER (> PER-SO?)

Obtained: Page not found (bug, whatever I would like to do)

IE 11

In IE, I have no accounts connected. Go to SO, connected as PRO-SO. The rest the same as above:

Expected : add the account PER(SO)

Obtained: returns to the profile page, does not add a login (bug, whatever I intended to do)

Please not set as duplicate, because I don't search a workaround, but report a bug. The described behavior gives unexpected results (page not found) to a valid and legal user's request (adding a login).

  • I would suggest you change your note about this not being a duplicate to something along the lines of "The linked question is not relevant to my issue as I am not trying to add two Google logins to one Stack Overflow account, but instead I want to connect two separate Stack Overflow accounts without merging them to make switching between my work account and my personal account easier."
    – Kendra
    Jun 18, 2015 at 18:12


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