I've flagged this answer as a comment because it talks about the exact code in the accepted answer, but doesn't offer a solution.

My flag was declined based on alleged lack of evidence:

enter image description here

Since I can't get in touch with "a moderator", I'm posting in here in hope the decision is re-evaluated. The evidence is that the code in the answer is the same as the code in the accepted answer, and the answer comments on a problem with that code.


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Your flag was "Comment, not an answer", I read the answer and it looked like an answer, so I declined the flag.

While you included in your question that it was a comment on the accepted answer, you failed to include that in the flag when asking us to review it. Had you included anything that stated, "this is a comment on the accepted answer", then I would have been able to compare the two answers and processed the flag. It's important that all details needed to accurately process a flag be included.

Failing to include it, will lead to declines.

Since you've added those critical details in the question, the answer has been deleted by a moderator.


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