If we look at the tag wiki for :

IBM Integration Bus (formerly WebSphere Message Broker)...

So it's clear that the software has been renamed from "WebSphere Message Broker" to "IBM Integration Bus". However, there's no tag for IBM Integration Bus — a quick search reveals that most people are using , , and / or , which are at most tangentially relevant to the actual question.

Therefore, I suggest that we create a tag called to represent the newer version and make its synonym, or rename (If that's possible; I don't know) to

(Note: I don't know if is the right name; it seems alright to me)

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    I'm not sure if messagebroker is a tag that can only be used for the IBM product.
    – rene
    Jun 15, 2015 at 12:49

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At the time of writing, contains 431 questions and its wiki excerpt reads:

A Message Broker is a pattern which is designed for purpose of consuming messages from applications and performing actions like transformation , providing a point-to-point and publish-subscribe pattern of message routing mechanism.

So it would appear this tag has been re-purposed. (There is no usage guidance present.)

IBM Integration Bus is now covered by the tag which contains 179 questions. remains empty so a synonym is probably not necessary at this time.

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