I recently discovered that while trying to accept an answer, it said "You can accept an answer in 7 minutes".

Why is there this delay?


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There's a delay for accepting an answer because there's an excellent chance waiting a bit longer than just for the FGITW answers to show up means there's a better answer to accept.
Or at least one of those has been improved from "just maybe adequate" to "good" or even "excellent".
Also, it gives the community at least a chance to show the fatal flaw (if any) which wasn't obvious without deeper knowledge and/or analysis.

For the same reason (though more so), there's an even longer wait before one can accept ones own answer: Question and answer can actually be posted at the same time!

  • Alright. That seems like a good explanation.
    – user4157653
    Jun 13, 2015 at 21:17