I usually handle with new users questions like this or this with really bad code formatting.

  • If there is an edit, I check it, and approve it or improve it.
  • If there is no edit I try to fix the question for better readability.

When done this, I'm still not able to see the question edited because there is the pending edit approval requests... ok... fair enough :).
I still want to answer the question!!! And it's readability (for being polite xD) is ZERO...

So what I do?

  • Mark as favorite and wait till edit is approved?
  • Reload page continously till edit is approved?
  • Use the code formatted by myself locally?
  • Use the edit of someone else to read the code propperly?

I find this are not really handy sollutions, so here comes my:

As long as I approved or make an edit, I can confirm is useful, at least for me of course may not be for other users, so it's great to have the edit votes. So... wouldn't be useful to see my own or approved edits in questions in order to make easy to answer?

Of course this will need to have some limitations, but I think may be a good idea in order to get faster answers from interested people.

  • Bad examples? You haven't even started to answer those two? And they're readable as they are? Also if you hit Improve edit then the question is not edit locked afterwards. – slugster Jun 9 '15 at 12:26
  • Actually I prefered to write this question than answer first one second one I flagged and commented it – Jordi Castilla Jun 9 '15 at 12:41