I'm referring to this question: what is the right way to treat Python argparse.Namespace() as a dictionary?.

On the sidebar of that question, it lists two other questions, one of which is related and the other is completely unrelated (Is There Any Way To Check if a Twitch Stream Is Live Using Python?). I was curious, so I searched the page source for any possible references to that question, and I could find none.

I've seen this before on other questions. Why would SO mistakenly list bugs as linked that are not?

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The "linked" section of the sidebar is not a one-way street for only questions linked in the question you are viewing. If the question you are viewing has been linked on another question somewhere on the site, then that question will also appear in the list as linked.


If you look at the first comment for this answer there is a link to the main post. this is the reason it is showing up in the linked sidebar.

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