The (syn. ) has no wiki, 0 followers and some 173 questions. I skimmed through all of them and "corners" is used as one of:

Corner detection algorithms might be worth their own tag. Otherwise, I'm not sure if we need this ambiguous tag at all or just add a wiki explaining what it should be used for. 170 questions isn't too much to fix manually if a small team goes for it.


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I think that corner detection algorithms deserve their own tag as it is a similar case to OCR. I suggest for these.

In the cases of visual corners, the specific visual elements and functions used give a better tag classification. The word "Corner" in the titles will complement that.

"Corner case" is too abstract and it is unlikely to have any beneficial effect on the question.



You can help out by reviewing the questions and answers in these tags and:

  • flag or close questions that are off-topic/unclear/too broad/etc;
  • filter on these tags in the Close Vote Queue and review;
  • vote on the questions and its answers;
  • delete vote the question or answer(s) if there is nothing of value;
  • editing to add value (re-tag), or;
  • flag obsolete comments

All questions where was applicable were re-tagged. Please review this tag in addition to .

Here are some easy queries:

Open 0
Closed 0
No answers 0
No accepted answer 0

is cleaned and what is left is on-topic
Open 38
Closed 10
No answers 6
No accepted answer 16

Review in the Close vote Queue

If you have specific questions feel free to drop in the SOCVR room.


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