I noticed my enthusiast badge is down to 1 day, after only having been active yesterday via the iPhone app "Stackviewer". Is logging in via this app not counted?


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In the link provided in the comment from Mat you'll find this answer from Martijn Pieters:

Accessing your Stack Exchange data through the API does not count towards your fanatic and enthusiast badge progress.

External applications such as the iPhone app use the API, not direct access to the site> . If you use the mobile web interface instead, you are seen to use the site actively and such access is counted towards the badges.

From the MSE post Last seen not updating when using Android app from Steven V we learn from one of the developers:

We're now counting access to a site via the app for both "last seen" and the "daily site access" for the Enthusiast and Fanatic badges.

So to have a visit counted you'll need to use the site form either the full or mobile website view. Do notice that simply loading the site is not enough. You have to use it. What exactly counts as use is not known but only viewing the front page probably won't count.


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