So I am reviewing Triage questions on my Friday evening at midnight ... and one of the questions was obviously (to me) off topic - in fact I thought it was an obvious test to make sure I was paying attention.

It's https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30406298/which-design-pattern-is-used-for-cell-rendering-in-swing and the Triage Review link is here

But when I chose to close it as 'Unsalvageable' thinking it was Off topic it turns out it was already closed...

Is that normal? Shouldn't questions be taken out of the review queue as soon as they are closed?

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    How many seconds did it take you to decide it should be closed and to close it after the review loaded? That's how large a window of opportunity there was for someone to finish dupehammering it into oblivion from a review page they had already loaded. Triage does not lock reviews. May 23, 2015 at 2:08


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