If I answered a question in comment, and the person who posted the question said that my comment has solved their problem, should I post an answer in the answers section or is a comment enough?

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    Yes. You have to post it as a answer. – ketan May 20 '15 at 9:44
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    It's not mandatory to post an answer. If you want to leave an answer in a comment (due to any reason), it is OK. It is however advisable to post an answer if you have time, because answers are more permanent, and can be upvoted/downvoted to indicate usefulness. – Infinite Recursion May 20 '15 at 13:39
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    Note: I posted the answer in a comment ^ :D – Infinite Recursion May 20 '15 at 13:40
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    I think StackOverflow should consider adding a function to mark a comment as an answer. Not everyone is confident to provide answer from the first look, some of us need extra information and sometimes happens, that while gathering information one may already answer the question. – Irakli Nov 28 '19 at 16:04

Yes. You should post it as an answer. So the OP can accept/mark it as the best answer. This way, it can be useful to other people.

Generally, people don't read comments. They just see if the post has an answer posted, and leave if it doesn't.
Although the question/issue/problem was solved with the comment, it still looks unsolved because the OP can't accept a comment as answer.

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    have to as an indicator of an action which is strongly recommended but not mandatory is quite acceptable. You have to come to my party on Saturday night vs You have to die No one familiar with SO will mistake the sense in which OP originally wrote have to. – High Performance Mark May 20 '15 at 10:18
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    @HighPerformanceMark I disagree. In this sense, especially in a computer-system-about-programming, "have to" is non-optional. "Should" is much clearer here. We are only to "avoid" answering (the) questions in comments. It is not forbidden. – Bill Woodger May 20 '15 at 13:33

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