On Stack Overflow when you vote (up/down) after 15 minutes or so your vote gets locked in, and it's only through an edit that you would be able to undo your vote.

Just now I downvoted a a question and, after the OP elaborated, I felt my downvote was not fair and I wanted to undo it, so I forced a silly edit on the question and was able to undo the vote.

Is this OK? I feel it's too cheap or not productive; I feel that a user who has voted on a post revision should not be counted, it should be only the post owner or anyone who has not voted on the post.


If it required the OP elaborating on the question before you felt it didn't need a downvote, then that information that changed your mind is what should have been edited into the post before your downvote was removed. That's a perfect example of exactly how the system is supposed to work - if the question didn't make sense to you when you read it, then a downvote is perfectly appropriate until the asker edits to make their question clear. There's no reason to change this system.