There are two tags for WSO2 Api Manager: and . The latter is more in conformity to , etc, but still a bit different.

Suggestion: retag to , rename to for consistency. shouldn't be needed even as a synonym.

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    There are 17 questions which are tagged [api-manager] and not [wso2]. stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/api-manager+-wso2 . These might be related to some other technology. Given that it's an ambiguous tag, I certainly would agree with the synonymization. If you can review those 17 questions, then we can combine the tags. Commented Jul 21, 2018 at 6:48

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doesn't api-manager refer to different api-manager products ? We first need to make sure that all questions tagged with api-manager are asked about wso2 API manager. If so we can do the retagging.


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