Is there any way to find out the time when an answer was accepted?

In many cases, the exact time of an event can be found by hovering things with the mouse and waiting for a tooltip. But this does not work for the "Accepted answer"-checkmark. The only way seems to be to skim through the reputation changes of the answerer, but this only works well for recent actions...

(Of course, this information is not "important" in a broad sense - it's mainly a matter of curiosity: Sometimes answers are accepted a few seconds after being posted. Sometimes answers are accepted weeks or months later...)

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In fact, the actual time of the accept is shown in the tooltip, but only after a certain amount of time.

Accept mark with tooltip

As I'm sure you've noticed, the question timestamps change at a point to show the actual date the question (or answer) was posted. The tooltip for the accept checkmark is the same. It does not get as detailed (no seconds/milliseconds) as you could get with a post's timestamp, but it should be enough for any purposes you need.

If you need (or want) to see this information before this time, want to see the exact time with seconds and milliseconds included, or you want to see if the accept has changed, then Servy's answer about the timeline of a post is the way to go.


You can look a the timeline of a post to see when it was accepted.


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