Review badges such as Custodian, Reviewer and Steward can be awarded once per review type or once per review queue? On Badge's page it said once per review type, but according to this screenshot - once per queue.

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So what is the truth?

Important notice: Please, before voting down make sure you understood question. By review type was meant Late answers, First posts, Triage etc., and review queue is a queue for each type. Example: In Triage I reviewed 1000 posts, the queue will start from the beginning, so it will be a different queue. Sorry for confusing.

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    Each review queue is of a different type - in other words, it's the same thing. Commented May 10, 2015 at 15:24

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I understood how I can figure out the answer, so it is not review queue, but review type and it is not the same. See attached screenshot.

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A different review queue contains a different review type. So both are essentially the same.

So you get the badge for reviewing in different review queues, since the review types are different.

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