The tag is very similar to one recently burninated - very few questions, the Info page reads out like an advertisement, etc.

An user advised to burninate it in the comments of the linked thread, and I agree that the tag :

is unambiguous.

is not-on-topic : most questions refer to Java development linked to JDownloader, but the downloader is not the topic in question.

Does not add anything meaningful and differs in meaning from one question to another : We have questions about developping an app for JDownloader, some asking how a website can see if it is running, etc.

I believe this tag should be burninated - especially since the question count is so low. I can edit them out if needed.


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I disagree with this tag burnination request, since question about developing plugin for JDownloader should be on-topic.

I have removed the tags from these 3 questions, which don't seem to have anything to do with JDownloader:

These questions are related to JDownloader plugin/feature development:

These questions ask about technology used in JDownloader, which I'm not sure if they are on-topic or not (go ahead and cast close vote if they are really off-topic):

This question looks off-topic/unclear:

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