The recent captcha upgrade that asks you to select all X in the pictures is horribly confusing. When it asks you to select all cakes and then shows cakes, pies, cupcakes, etc.. it is horribly ambiguous what the heck it means by cake. The Pasta one is just as bad. No educated human can be asked to discern whether a Tai vermicelli is considered a pasta dish or not. Every time I get a new one of these, I end up scratching my head wondering just

"what in the heck is this asking me to select based on the thumbnails it provides?"

This thing probably needs a lot more work before going prime-time. I get the gist of it, but at this point, it is simply more confusing than useful. Can you provide an option to just revert to the normal captcha text while this matures?


See this Kaggle competition where winners over a year ago are getting computer learning algorithms that can discern cats from dogs with 98% accuracy. This level of accuracy is available to many people working in computer vision nowadays, and progress is still being made year-on-year in the field.

The new CAPTCHA vision tasks appear to be trying to circumvent that by changing the subject matter a lot between tasks. But that means more data, and by the looks of it, lower quality data.

The robots are going to win this one. Image classification CAPTCHAs have only a few years to go. The lower quality of the current crop is a sign of the losing battle.

  • I stopped logging in to network sites that want me to prove I'm not a robot. Don't really want to train Google's AI for free... – Simon D Mar 26 '17 at 7:53

As far as I can tell, this isn't an SO specific thing, but a problem with these new Captchas overall. I agree that they're confusing. I've seen a sandwich one that's particularly difficult to discern. I end up brute forcing it which seems pretty counter productive to me.


To someone who is blind and deaf, CAPTCHA renders a website completely unusable. To someone who is dyslexic, CAPTCHA may render a website completely unusable. To someone with poor vision, CAPTCHA may make gaining access more trouble than it's worth. We have review queues for all sorts of things. Maybe we can add something like that to administer a Turing test.

  • Note: the CAPTCHAs are used to rate-limit searches as well. – Nathan Osman May 23 '15 at 21:16

In the spirit of better late than never... :)

Although the version of reCAPTCHA we use now can still show a set of images, most of the time there should be no need to do anything to pass it except for clicking the "I'm not a robot" checkbox. Unfortunately we can't control the quality/legibility of what Google serves up here, but there are additional controls to request a new image or use the audio version:

"select all images" captcha example

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