I clicked undelete on this answer here and clicked OK

Then I clicked undeleted again out of curiousity as it is active. Then I got this message again.

Undelete prompt Then when I clicked OK. I got a message like,

You have already voted to undelete this post

My doubt is, is there a need for the data-delete-prompt when clicking undelete again?

P.S: The answer was undeleted as I was experimenting on it. I think the OP, seeing the undelete vote, undeleted it. Mods could you check how it got undeleted?

Also, I played with the answer below, which actually shouldn't be undeleted, just to test it. I would like to revert my vote, if I may.

Update: I voted to undelete this post and moved on to delete another. I still have 18 votes remaining. I mean votes are not descreasing in number. Am I missing something here?


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