It appears the tag was never properly mounted. Because of such, it has been used improperly and has since been corrupted.

Some questions consider it the equivalent of mount, whereas others use it to refer to the Google Drive API.

For most questions, should either be removed (and the bad questions closed) or replaced with something more specific, e.g., . For questions actually dealing with HDDs and whatnot, perhaps (?) should be left alone.

There are only 212 questions currently tagged with , so this shouldn't be too difficult.

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    There's [hard-drive] and [hdd] for actual hard drive questions and [ssd] for solid-state drives; [usb-drive]/[usb-flash-drive]/[removable-drive]; [network-drive]; some questions might actually be about [block-device]s (not necessarily drives). Commented May 7, 2015 at 5:40


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