Sometime I create/edit long question and I scroll down to pre-view if it show exactly what I want. Then I switch to my coding software/document, copy some source to paste to the post.
I come back to the post I click to a text position to editting, forget that I'm viewing preview section. The textarea show carret at last position it have, not the position that I expect to edit when click preview.
I want when I click to preview text section, SO show mouse carret at appropriate position in textarea.

Ofcourse many prefer the current way. But I think many people meet same situation like me.
Just a suggest. Maybe a optional personal setting?

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    And while we're at it, what about an option to turn off the preview click handler altogether? I tend to highlight text as I read it, especially when there's more than a paragraph or so. But try that on SO and the page just jumps back to the text editor and you completely lose your place. It's very annoying. – aroth May 5 '15 at 5:37

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