should definitely be merged into and should probably be merged in also.

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    Continuous integration and continuous deployment are actually two different (but related) things. But continuous-delivery should definitely be burned. May 6, 2015 at 17:08

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I agree that the tags , and are not good tags for this site. They are actually different things, also the precise meaning is often misunderstood, different people does have a different understanding about what these are - also the term "CI/CD" is used in a mix in this context.

These tags are practices and questions related to those practices is better asked on Software Engineering.

That said, there are many technical questions related to those practices but it would be better to use more well-defined and well-understood tags for them like:


According to SemaphoreCI, they're actually not the same thing. They carry the same goal but at different magnitudes. In a nutshell:

  • continuous integration: automated build and test at every merge
  • continuous delivery: continuous integration + automated release process + manual deploy
  • continuous deployment: continuous integration + automated release process + automated deploy

Although many tools do CI and CDs at the same time, CI is very different from CDs since it doesn't impact production environment. However, and are too close to be separate tags, and in practice, many people don't see any difference between them. They should be merged.

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